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Last updated Mai. 29, 2007


Contents - Issue 2/2005

Hildegard Maria Nickel

Walther Müller-Jentsch
Artists and Artist Groups. Sociological Perspectives on a Precarious Profession

Reinhard Blomert
The End of the "New Economy" from a Sociology of Finance Perspective

Christine Weinbach
European Convergences: Towards Restitution of Nationality in Germany, France and Great Britain

Ingo Bode
Systematic Disorganisation. The Recasting of the Governance of Welfare in Western Europe

Alexandra Manske
Self-reliance, Not Welfare State Security. Notes on the Changing Landscape of Social Security

Heinrich Schäfer
Identity as a Network. A Theoretical Approach Utilizing Evidence from a Case Study of Religious Movements in the Civil War of Guatemala

Review Essay

Sérgio Costa
Post-colonial Studies and Sociology: Differences and Convergences