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Last updated Mai. 29, 2007


Contents 2000, Vol. 10


I. Articles

Helmuth Berking
"Homes away from Home": On Tensions Between Diaspora and the Nation-State. p. 49

Stefan Breuer
Modern Fundamentalism. p. 5

Christoph Deutschmann
Money as an "Absolute Means." On the Relevance of Simmel's Theory of Money. p. 301

Klaus Eder
The Transformation of National Public Spheres in Europe. p. 167

Neil Fligstein
Is Globalization the Cause of the Crises of Welfare States? p.349

Peter Flora
Internal Structuration and the Drawing of External Frontiers. Europe and Its Nations. A Rokkanian Research Perspective. p. 151

Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey
The Transfer Between the Student Movements of 1968 and the Emergence of a Transnational Adversary Public Sphere, p. 485

Andreas Heinemann-Grüder
Can Europe be Democratized? p. 501

Robert Kecskes
Social and Identificational Assimilation of Young Turkish People. p. 61

Peter A. Kraus
From Westphalia to Cosmopolis? Problems of Cultural Identity in European Politics. p. 203

Helga Krüger/René Levy
Family and Gender Revisited: Life Course Institutions ?networking? Social Actors. p.379

Andreas Langenohl
Political Culture in Times of the Unveiling of Conflict: On Postcommunist Modernization of Collective Commemorative Practices. p.517

Rolf Lindner
Not bad stuff. Robert E. Park as a Literary Hero, p. 555

Stefan A. Litz
The Fortified Society: Social Exclusion as a Result of Privatization and Fortification of Space, p. 535

Michael Mann
Explaining Murderous Ethnic Cleansing. The Macro-Level. p. 241

Wolfgang Merkel
The Third Ways of Social Democracy into the 21st Century. p. 99

Peter Noller
Globalization, Space and Society. Elements of a Modern Sociology of Space. p. 21

Jörg Rössel
Mobilization and Strike Activity in American Bituminous and Anthracite Coal Mining in the late 19th Century. p. 403

Dieter Rucht
The Europeanization of Political Mobilization. p. 185

Uwe Schimank
Societal Problems of Integration in the Light of Sociological Diagnoses of our Time, p. 449

Wolfgang Schluchter
Max Weber Following: A Theory of Agency and Structure. p. 125

Thomas Schwinn
Inclusion and Social Inequality, p. 471

Steffen Sigmund
The Art of Giving: Founders between Commitment in Civil Society and Symbolic Recognition. p. 333

Willfried Spohn
The European Union?s Eastern Enlargement and Changes in Collective Identities. A Comparison between Western and Eastern States. p. 219

Hermann Strasser/Andrea Maria Dederichs
Restructuring Class Society: Elements of a Contemporary Theory of Social Inequality. p. 79

Viviana A. Zelizer
Multiple Markets, Multiple Cultures. p. 315


II. Reviews

  • Peter Bleses/Georg Vobruba: The Societal Integration of Social Security. Recent Literature on the Sociology of Social Policy. p. 563
  • Johan Jeroen De Deken: Is there an empirically identifiable Model of a European Society? p. 269
  • Hans-Peter Müller: Money and Culture. Recent Literature on the Philosophy and Sociology of Money. p. 423

III. Communications and Reports

  • Editorial (Frank Ettrich), p. 3
  • Editorial (Klaus Eder/Hans-Peter Müller), p. 147
  • Editorial (Frank Ettrich/Hans-Peter Müller), p. 299
  • Editorial (Hans-Peter Müller), p. 447
  • Fritz Thyssen Foundation Award for Social Science Articles published in Journals in 1998. p. 435
  • Schader Prize awarded to Meinhold Miegel. p. 435